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lash extensions eyelash palmerston north

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Between 4-6 weeks. The life of your natural lash cycle is between 30-60 days so as your natural lash falls out during regular shedding, the extension should fall out with it. 

How long does the appointment take?

The application process takes between 1-2.5 hours depending on the service required. Infills take around an hour, although, the larger the fill needed, the longer it will take to get the number of lash extensions per eye back up to the number of lashes in the original full set.

Clients see it as an opportunity to come in and relax on a comfortable bed with their eyes closed, perhaps bringing their own music or podcasts with them and waking up with fresh, full lashes.

What should lash extensions feel like?

Lash extensions should feel really lightweight and barely there! Lash wearers should never feel like their eyes are itchy or painful at any point with lash extensions on. 

Please note: if your lashes are itchy, painful and/or falling out in clumps, it is likely that your natural lashes are being harmed in the application process and we would advise to have them removed by a professional. 

Are lash extensions safe? Will they harm my natural lashes?

When applied correctly, lash extensions are safe and won't harm the natural lashes or disrupt your lash cycle. A professionally trained lash technician will ensure that your lash extensions are applied so that they fall out without disturbing the life cycle of the neighboring natural lashes. Some of Lush Lashes’ regular clients have been coming regularly for over 5 years now, and their lashes have remained in the same condition as the day they first walked in. 

Here at Lush Lashes, the safety and health of your natural lashes is our priority, and you will always receive the best in quality of care with us.

Can I get my lash extensions wet?

Yes, absolutely - after the initial 48 hour period. Our adhesive is waterproof so you can still enjoy showering and activities in the water. And we recommend washing your lashes regularly in order to keep them clean.

I'm getting married and want lash extensions for my wedding day. Should I get a trial set done?

Lash extensions are a favourite for brides. We always recommend having a trial set of lashes done at least one month before your wedding. This is because, like with makeup and hair, there are so many potential ways we can customize your lash look and it's important that you know you're going to be completely happy with how your lashes look on the day.

I have very blonde lashes, do I need to tint them before getting lash extensions?

Having your natural lashes tinted if they’re very fair or light coloured is something we would recommend because its a very effective and inexpensive treatment that allows your technican to do the best job possible and to get the most impact out of your lash extensions.